New Years ~ 2016′


“It is not Your Job, Your Friends, Your Athletics, Your Possessions, Your Bank Account that Define You….
It is Your Actions, the Way You Treat Others, the Words You Speak, that Define Who You Are

 …Remember, You’re Only as Good as Your Word  so…”Speak with Integrity” if You want People to Believe in You
because no one likes flaky people 
…If You don’t like Where You Are at or Who You’ve Become, know You have the Power to Change.”

– this is Your Life and No One Else’s

“Make 2016′ the year that defies You”
… and Smile, People like be be around People that are Happy 
~ Happy New Year!…Bonne Année, С новым годом, Frohes Neues Jahr, Felice Anno Nuovo, Feliz Año Nuevo!!
Bisous à tous le monde ~ Tricia