Strength, Balance and Performance – it’s not just a Philosophy, it’s Personal. It’s why Tricia attacks each opportunity with curiosity and fervor.

Each of us faces adversity at one point or another, and Tricia, having experienced it first-hand explains, “We have more power than we know.” Passionate about what she does, Tricia believes in helping people find their inner-strength in order to achieve anything in life, because ultimately, it is this access, drive and belief in ones capabilities, that leads to high-performance.

Having to overcome the loss of her parents as an infant, Tricia found herself in foster care w/ numerous families till age 7. Upon finally being adopted by a family (along with her brother and sister) that had a very specific vision of how a “perfect family” should look/behave, using harsh tactics such as whipping, locking them in a closet as well as physical and emotional abuse, in their eyes, she still was not the perfect child and was constantly reminded she would never amount to anything and not make anything of her Life.”
This would mark the beginning of Tricia’s tenacity and resilience to falling prey to these negative words. Instead, this was the “fuel to the fire” that instilled in her –

“Your words will Not Define Me…You will Not Break Me”

As a way to rise above it all, Tricia turned to sports as a coping mechanism.
“Sports, namely running was something no one could take from me. It was my way of temporarily escaping the constant chaos I was living in.”
Tricia excelled at academics, with straight A’s and advanced studies, as well, found writing and drawing a form of expression and a way to transform her thoughts.
At age 15 she was awarded a certificate from the House of Representatives for her Artistic Talent and was given the honor to display a piece of her artwork in the Bellevue Art Museum. She won numerous awards for her writing as well.
Regardless of her achievements, when it was apparent that Tricia would never be the child they could manipulate into being the person they wanted, she was kicked out. She was 14.
“I was homeless; living in shelters, sleeping in my girlfriend’s horse barn, at one point, sleeping on a park bench. I experienced a gun pointed at me and a switchblade to my throat. I had a choice to go left or right, I chose to go right.”

Fast forward to years later after college, Tricia felt a compelling need to share her story and to help others to find their path of greatness through academics and sports. She began volunteering – feeding the homeless, doing odd jobs at a convalescent home, as well as working with low income youth to get them engaged with sports and helped tutor them scholastically. Soon after, she realized how much people just needed love and a purpose, (having experienced a version of this herself,) and felt deeply connected to inspire them to believe “anything is possible” if you devote the time and work necessary.
“There’s too many children out there that are not provided with the right role model, peer group or motivation to push beyond their current limits. I know in my heart, this is one facet in my Life I must continue to pursue.”

I believe in the “Three D’s:” Discipline, Dedication and Determination. 

With years of competition and modeling in the sports industry, 29 years of coaching and training, Tricia has spent her life eating and breathing a healthy lifestyle. She understands the best results are rewarded to those that are committed to success and devote the time and effort that is necessary. She takes personal pride in educating her clients and constantly look for new and innovative ways to train and help them find their version of ‘balance’.

“Injuries and setbacks are an eye-opening experience that makes you realize that you are not invincible.”

It hasn’t always been an easy road for Tricia. She had a misfortune of a cycling accident as well as getting hit by a car which landed her in the emergency room and unable to walk for 3 months. She also suffered injuries and setbacks during her 10 years of racing Ironman.
This catapulted Tricia to start devoting her time on studying the human anatomy and how to heal the muscular system from trauma and repetitive overload. After intensive study, Tricia received a certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) (CPT). As one of the first group class instructors at the TRX Headquarters, she holds a certification as a TRX Instructor as well. She has since studied extensively the human anatomy; muscular system and how it relates to every day movement, as well as hands on knowledge and experience in the field of sports-specific athletic training, performance enhancement and sports rehabilitation. Tricia is also highly skilled in orthopedic bodywork alleviating musculoskeletal pain and help facilitate movement.

“I have had the opportunity to work with high profile clients, however at the end of the day, we all have the same needs.”

For 6 years, Tricia was one of two trainers at the prestigious Hotel du Cap on the French Riviera, which caters to the Hollywood Elite and hosts the Cannes Film Festival. Tricia’s client’s list consists of actors, musicians, international business executives, and other high-profile persons with whom she also travels with and works privately for training and bodywork.
“Whereas the rest of our health and wellness institutions drop the ball with handoffs between various specialist who diagnose and prescribe you around in circles to each other, Tricia takes personal responsibility for understanding you holistically and and solving your problems with you.” – Drew Sechrist . Founder, CEO

Today, as a recognized leader in the field of sports specific training, performance enhancement and sports rehabilitation, Tricia is an Elite Global Fitness Trainer with clientele ranging from 9 to 82 years old, with all body-types. From celebrities, CEO’s, professional athletes, to people just wanting to maintain a balanced lifestyle. “If you have a body, than you need the resources to great health. Its that simple. And, I aim to get you that access. I love being the change agent in the lives of so many globally!”

Tricia’s unstoppable pursuit of excellence has lead to her a widening spectrum of accomplishments such as:  
23 Marathons: including qualifying for the Boston Marathon
10 years of competing in the Ironman distance triathlon 
(despite a fear of swimming)

A career in Modeling: including working & traveling globally with Nike as her main client
Landing the Principal role in numerous commercials and working on movie sets with some of Hollywood’s greatest:
Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Andy Garcia and Robin Williams

Elite Stair Climber: ranked 1st in her division, 5th in the country

Recently, Tricia was asked to appear as a Guest Speaker on The McCarthy Project, Sports Talk Radio. The listeners and staff were so moved by her story and insights, she was asked to come on air weekly, and has made her a popular speaker and mentor.
If you’d like to have Tricia speak at your event, or connect with your group, please go to the contact page.


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