"In the game of life, there is NO finish line. Whatever you do, always give it your best, and no matter what NEVER GIVE UP."
- Tricia O'Hara
"We Are What We Repeatedly Do.
Excellence then, is Not an Act, but a Habit"
- Aristotle
"The Most Important Thing is to Try and
Inspire People So They Can Be Great
in Whatever They Want to Do"
- Kobe Bryant
Everyone deserves personal access to experiencing strength and vitality; regardless of age, current conditions or environment.
Together, we can break down perceived physical or mental barriers in achieving a healthy
balance in our bodies, minds and hearts.
We can do this wherever you are. We can do this with purpose. We can do this now. 

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I’m relentless in pursuing access to great health to all; wherever
may be in your journey, as well as geographically.
This isn’t just convenient, I believe in it.
I’ve optimized a process that allows for totally achievable, high performance results –
live and online (via ZOOM, FaceTime or Skype,) specific to your goals.


 • Online Interactive Training . 1 on 1 or Group 

• In-Person Training/Coaching

• Rehabilitation for post surgery or injury recovery

• Sports Specific Training for athletes and golfers

• Weight Loss and Toning

• Personal & Specialized Bodywork



I am very much thankful to you for your efforts in making me a sporty person.- I am very happy to be able to run now and feel much much stronger!! It has been a very interesting journey and my reward is a very visible result we have achieved together. I have very strong abs now!

Thank you very, very much!!!!!
~ Evgenia Murashova . Photographer . St. Petersburg, Russia
Tricia… she is the missing link in Wellness.
Whereas the rest of our health and wellness institutions drop the ball with handoffs between various specialist who diagnose and prescribe you around in circles to each other, Tricia takes personal responsibility for understanding you holistically and and solving your problems with you.
In a short 2 weeks my lower back, neck, and shoulder pains have significantly dropped from a pain level of 5 to 1. I’ve lost significant belly fat and dramatically strengthened my core. 2 weeks ago I thought I just might be experiencing the inevitable decline of middle-age. I just needed Tricia to show me the way.”
~ Drew Sechrist . Founder . CEO . Connect the Dots . San Francisco