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    "In the game of life, there is No finish line
    Whatever you do, always give it your best
    and no matter what, NEVER GIVE UP"
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  • "Anything is Possible" World Record - Berlin Marathon - Wilson Kipsang 2:03:23
    "Anything is Possible"
    World Record - Berlin Marathon
    Wilson Kipsang 2:03:23
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    "To give anything less than your Best,
    is to Sacrifice the Gift."
    - Pre
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    "Discipline, Dedication, Determination"
    ...How Bad Do You Want It?
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    "Some people dream of Success...
    while others wake up and work hard at it."
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    "When you want to Succeed as bad as you want to Breath,
    then you will be Successful"
    - Eric Thomas

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Helping Make This World Cancer Free One Step at a Time  Posted April 6, 2014

WTC - Getty Images

Helping make this World Cancer Free one step at a time…
- nuff said.

“This One’s For You, Maddy”  Posted April 6, 2014

WTC - 4-14'

“Without Ambition, one starts nothing.
Without Work, one finishes nothing.
The Prize will not be sent to you…
You have to Win It.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

…How Lucky am I to be part of the Elite Group for the¬†Inaugural World Trade Center Vertical Climb
but this time it was more than a climb for me
I was racing in honor of my Badass Step Sister Madeleine – Mother of four,
Rock star Athlete that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer,
Fighting her way through it, she came out on top and Beat it!
I thought of you every step of the way, all 1632
…and occasionally the charlie horse in my calf!…WTF!
all the chemo treatments pale in comparison to my suffering for just a few minutes
so keep being a Rock Star!!

“This race was for You Maddy” ‚ô•
…redlining it to the top; I was at 102% of my max HR ~ lol
144 flights, I came in 2nd
and Congrats to Shari for winning!!!
You are truly the definition of “Godspeed”
~ bisous x