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“Floating on Air”  Posted June 21, 2017

GGB_Rocky_2017'“Floating on Air”
Epic Photoshoot @rockyarroyophotography

  Posted June 8, 2017

WTC Finish - 2017'In Memory of 9/11
“Never Forget”

1st Pl Div / 5th Overall – 1 World Trade Center
208 flights of stairs, 2336 steps – 1791′ Vertical feet 
Tallest building in the Western Hemisphere

Today my heart goes out to those that lost their lives
and the family and friends that will forever, on this day,
be reminded of this senseless act of terrorism, 9/11/2001
Racing up the World Trade Center,
I retraced these steps, racing in Honor of all those that perished
- Peace

Catchin Air at the Finish Line  Posted April 29, 2017
FinishLine_1stPlaceCatchin air at the finish line…I Won!!
1st Place, 6:50 mins – 101 California 
Next stop Transamerica Pyramid 
- see y’all lata xx

“We Can Be Heros, Just For One Day”  Posted April 24, 2017

101California_1stPlace“We Can Be Heros, Just For One Day” ~ David Bowie

This Ones for You San Francisco!…I WON!!!
1st Place, 6:50 mins – 101 California
94 flights of stairs, 1068 steps – 600′ Vertical feet…820 Climbers 

Never Give Up ♥

I Did It!! – Le Tour Eiffel…”The Iron Lady”, Paris France  Posted March 30, 2017

La_Tour_Eiffel_2017'I Did It!! – Le Tour Eiffel…”The Iron Lady”, Paris France
1st Elite for USA
1st in Division
12:50 – 10th Overall
180 flights of stairs, 1665 steps – 1063′ Vertical feet
Super Grateful to be invited to race in the Elite Division at the Eiffel Tower, 
where 40 of the best Athletes in the World are chosen to represent their Country
I raced with the Best of the Best and am honored to have come in 10th
Congrats to all you Athletes!!! 
We saw Paris from the Top of the World!!



Interview at La Tour Eiffel w/ Eurosport 2 TV  Posted March 30, 2017

Eurosport_InterviewLive Pre-race interview at la Tour Eiffel w/ Eurosport 2 TV
Miss France, Laury Thilleman

“Never Say Never…”  Posted March 8, 2017

Strat_USA_Champions_2017'“Never say Never, because Limits, Like Fear
are Often Just an Illusion” ~ Michael Jordan

Super Grateful to be invited to race in the Elite Division at the USA Championships
competing against the best US & Int’l Climbers at the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas
1st Pl Div / 6th Overall
108 flights of stairs, 1391 steps – 1149′ Vertical feet

Training Day for Paris

“This One’s For You Shannon”  Posted March 8, 2017
Rockefeller_2017'“This One’s For You Shannon” – Keep Fighting the Fight #fightMS
1st Place Div/ 2nd Overall 
138 flights of stairs, 1214 steps – 851′ Vertical feet
Crushed my time last year by 1:10 mins ))
Training Day for Paris

“This One’s For You Sally”  Posted February 7, 2017

Empire_St_Building_2017Empire State Building 1250 Vertical Feet – the Most Prestigious Stair Race in the World 
1st Pl Div/7th Overall 
172 flights of stairs, 1576 stairs

“This Ones For You Sally”
though my performance pales in comparison to your stem cell transplant today,
I thought of you every step of the way. 
~ Keep fighting the fight and being the Champion you are ♥

“I Made it to the Top!”  Posted February 7, 2017

“I Suffered to the Top”..1076′ Vertical feet; 3rd tallest building in Chicago
1st Pl Div/ 7th Overall 
160 flights of stairs, 1643 stairs, 2102 participants

Empire State Building – Bring it

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