Lead by example


  • Tricia thanks for all your expertise and encouragement. I have been working out for over 35 years with private trainers and you are truly tops in the field. You are knowledgeable, persistent and lots of fun to work with!
    Richard Lefrak – Real Estate – New York
  • Tricia O’Hara is an elite trainer – but she is so much more. Her motivation, strength, and wisdom are contagious. Because of her, my flexibility and muscle core are stronger – both on the outside and in.
    Daniel Levin – Author of NY Best Seller “The Last Ember” – New York
  • Tricia’s everyday discipline, commitment and dedication to her clients, speaks for itself. Not only is she her own walking billboard, (now I see why she was a Nike model) but she gives you the belief and motivation to achieve anything you set your mind to.Tricia is someone that inspires me to push the envelope and to not give up when there are set backs.Thank you Tricia for being such an inspiration and helping me take my fitness; mind and body to the next level.You are truly one of a kind.
    James Roberts – Producer – Europe

    Growing up I was fortunate to be able to eat what I wanted and maintain my weight but after 3 kids I found the weight did not come off so easily. Fed up, I decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, as much as I tried, my motivation wasn’t there. It wasn’t until I met Tricia at my Villa in the S. of France did I start to see Real Results! To begin with, she asked me if I had any areas of chronic pain or tension, then she asked what my goals were.I explained what I was looking for and from that she designed a workout to help me achieve this.At first, even the simplest exercise seemed difficult. But after training with her 6 days a week, I am now able to do full push-ups and abdominals for up to 45 minutes, and even though last summer I told Tricia she would never get me to run…I am now running 30 minutes 3 x a week! 
    If you want someone who truly cares about turning your goals into a reality, than I highly recommend Tricia.           Galina Agapova – French Riviera

  • Tricia, I met you when my son was 6 months old and fell in love at first sight. I kept postponing calling your number when I encountered your card in one of the top hotels in Cote d’Azur, but the day we met I realized I should have started working with you much earlier because meeting you in person is better than any of your ads. From the moment I started seeing my adorable trainer and lovely friend every day or every other day depending on my schedule and moving travel plans – the results didn’t keep me waiting. The most problematic body areas started to shrink thanks to your knowledge of human physics and metabolism process. And I am not even mentioning the impression I see in the mirror, thanking you every time I smile.She will change your lifestyle without overloading you with too much unneeded info. She will keep you fit which for me also means having a fit mind. She is flexible and attentive, positive and fun and a great person to start or end your day with. And I just cant imagine my life in France without her pumping me up!
    Marina IIine – Film Industry – Europe
  • Dear Tricia, How can I thank you for your angel’s hands? Lumbar muscle origin of pain , tension in the feet and calves. A deep massage , steel fingers ( you have to be brave) . And the miracle occurs. No pain anymore , feeling of lightness …. A pure happiness 
    So I offered a ” Tricia ” massage  to my daughter and now she’s  Addict 😉
    Tricia is brilliant because she has a profound vision of osteo muscular structure of the body – Thank you!
    Chère Tricia, Comment vous remercier pour vos mains d’ange ?
    Des douleurs lombaires d’origine musculaires, des tensions à la plante des pieds et des mollets.
    Un massage profond, des doigts d’acier ( il faut être courageux). Et le miracle s’opère.
    Plus de douleur , sentiment de légèreté ….Un pur bonheur
    Du coup j’ai offert un massage “Tricia” à ma fille et la voilà Addict 😉
    Tricia est brillante parce qu’elle a une vision profonde de la structure osteo musculaire de l’organisme – Merci!
    Dr. Henri Delmar – French Riviera


  • I am very much thankful to you for your efforts in making me a sporty person.- I am very happy to be able to run now and feel much much stronger!!
    It has been a very interesting journey and my reward is a very visible result we have achieved together. I have very strong abs now!
    Thank you very, very much!!!!!
    Evgenia Murashova – Photographer – Russia


  • Tricia,Training with you is truly a pleasure, every lesson, no matter how intense it could be, was fun! 
    My son ( whom thanks to you feels much better) and I  were always looking forward to the next one and even my wife (!) 
    acknowledges how effective the workouts that you design for all of us are.
    In a matter of few weeks the results are obvious and visible and needless to say, you make us all feel very good after each of your sessions. 
    After receiving knee surgery on both knees, I was left unable to play tennis or run for 25 months, this left me frustrated
    and limited to what I could do fitness wise. After consistent rehabilitative exercises with you, I was able to run again.
    I want to thank you and we hope to see you again soon! 
    Thank you!
    Andre Agapov – CEO Gold Mines – Venezuela
  • Dear Tricia, I am really grateful to you, you changed my whole dietary system around taking me to an unexpected shape, dropping all my baby weight of which I am so grateful to you!! You gave me a great training but most of all a strong motivation for a new healthy lifestyle full of healthy and both delicious snacks that made me reach my goal! 
    Your strength, motivation and love for what you do reaches everybody, I am so blessed who found you!!
    Francesca Binello – Entrepreneur – Milano, Italy 
  • Working on a yacht I have always struggled to keep myself fit and strong, the confined spaces have always made it difficult to work out efficiently. I was introduced to Tricia late this year and after talking for a while she introduced me to the TRX system. The following week myself and seven others whom I work with started training in Tricia’s group TRX class. Tricia had explained how the TRX uses your weight against gravity and having completed the first session I could not believe just how well the system worked, I felt muscles that I never thought I had before. Admittedly I was pretty sore after the first session but it did not take long to recover and within 2/3 sessions I was already feeling stronger. We now train with Tricia twice a week, which includes a workout using the TRX and cardio and abdominal work.We have been training for about 3 months now and the difference I have noticed from my first session is incredible, I feel fitter and stronger with each session. Tricia is a fantastic trainer and friend and I always look forward to seeing her, I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness.
    Adam Hart – Yacht Captain – French Riviera
  • Being a dentist, owning my own practice, and being a wife and mother of two children has made my day-to-day life quite chaotic and usually leaves little time for working out. Since working with Tricia 4-5 days a week, the results have far exceeded my expectations. I was convinced prior to working with her, that I would never truly get physically fit; indeed I was convinced that I would always have poor stamina. Working with Tricia, I feel immensely better about my fitness level (shocked is a better description!) lost 20 lbs., am eating healthier and I also am setting a great example for my patients and kids. She truly has made a difference in my life!
    Martha Abdulian Missirlian, DDS – San Francisco
  • Having played 2 sports in college years ago, I missed the competitive edge and the health benefits I obtained. Not only did I want to reach that level of fitness again, but I wanted to regain the competitive environment in which to achieve it.Tricia has worked with me throughout the entire process to achieve my goals.She provided an initial fitness evaluation and designed a training program tailored to my exact needs and lifestyle. She also provided nutritional guidance and coached me throughout my workouts, monitoring my progress.Thanks to Tricia, I’ve successfully completed my first 100 mile cycling race.Even at 45, I continue to see marked improvement in my over all performance.
    David Diamond – CFO – Pacific Stock Exchange – San Francisco