Be Inspired

“Live without Boundaries”
…and no matter what,
“Never Give Up.”


“Adversity tests your limits
Shows the World what you are made of”


“When you want to Succeed as bad as you want to Breath,
then you will be Successful” 

“It starts with turning a vision into a desire, a desire into action
an action into a relentless pursuit of not giving up, not giving in
no matter how many obstacles come across your path
and in the end, you will achieve what others only dare to dream about.”

“Some people dream of Success,
while other wake up and work hard at it.”
– Tricia


“Work for a Cause, not for Applause
Live life to Express, not to Impress
Don’t strive to make your Presence noticed,
…just make your Absence felt.”

“Don’t be a Version of what Somebody else wants you to be
…be “Authentic” ♥ ~ T.O.

Octane Fitness

“It is not your job, your friends, your athletics, your possessions, your bank account that define you….
It is your actions, the way you treat others, the words you speak that define who you are
…if you don’t like where you are at or who you’ve become, know you have the power to change.”

– this is your Life and no one else’s

“Make this Year the Year that Defies You” ♥ ~ T.O.

“I’M GONNA SHOW YOU HOW GREAT I AM”                                                     EmpireSateBuilding_7th

When I was 20, I entered my first stair race and placed 1st out of the women.
At that time, I had also heard about the “Ultimate Race”…climbing to the top of the Iconic
Empire State Building, a race in which you had to be selected
I said to myself…”1 day I will do this race”
So here years later, I did just that…
Despite fighting an acute upper respiratory infection…
the Dr’s note said, “Stay in bed and definitely no exercise!”
…obviously he didn’t know who he was talking to
Despite being placed in the last wave and having to fight to pass people all the way to the top
because NYRR’s said, “I had to prove myself to be in the Elite Division”
Despite oxygen deprivation…
I said to myself, 2 words, “DON’T STOP!!”

172 flights, 1576 steps
7th Female in a Top Int’l Field, competing against the Best in the World
1st in Age Group
1st for my Country represented; France ~ “Vive La France!”
~ “that’s how I roll in 2013”
Bisous à tout le monde ♥